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Car Myth or Reality

There are many myths in the automotive industry as it relates to how your vehicle runs and to the upkeep of your car.

Here are just a few of the biggest misconceptions about your vehicles maintenance:

1. You must have your car serviced at the dealership or you'll void your warranty - FALSE

Magnusen- Moss Act 1975 prohibits dealers from implying or denying warranty service if service is performed by an independent shop. Modifying your car, however, will void the warranty. While your warranty will no longer cover the part of the car you’ve modified, the rest is still protected.

2. To get Premium Engine Performance, you must use premium gasoline - FALSE

3. Waiting until your gas tank is empty to fill up, can damage your engine - TRUE

4. You can still drive a long way after the gas gauge is on empty.

Reality: You should have time to get to a gas station when your tank hits “E,” but how long do you have? That depends on the vehicle you’re driving. A Ford Focus averages 39 miles and a Chevy Avalanche averages 45 miles. Check out your ride on Tank on Empty, which has a searchable database.

5. If you replace one tire, you must replace all tires - FALSE

6. Let your engine warm up for a few minutes before driving - FALSE

Forget the morning idle, turn on the car and go! Modern engines warm up more quickly when they are driven, not when they’re idling in the driveway. The faster they are out on the road, the sooner they reach maximum efficiency—which means the best fuel economy and performance.

Still have a question about a car myth you've heard, let Universal Tire & Auto clear it up for you.

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