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5 Top Things Your Check Engine Light Might be Telling You

You're driving along when the Check Engine light on your dashboard comes on. Don't panic. There are five common reasons the light might be on (there are more!), and a certified technician can check out the issue and make sure to treat it and turn the light off.

Take a look at the following list so that the next time that light comes on, you’ll have an idea of what to look for.

1. A Gas Cap Problem

If your car isn't acting strangely, check your gas cap. Perhaps it isn’t on tightly or maybe it's cracked. A new gas cap costs about $5.

2. Oxygen Sensor isn't Sensing

The car’s oxygen sensor gauges the oxygen level in the exhaust. This is repaired easily, usually for less than $300.

3. Your Spark Plugs Aren’t Sparkin​g

If your spark plugs are misfiring, your car will accelerate jerkily. Replacing the plugs is inexpensive regular maintenance. Nothing scary here!

4. The Airflow Sensor is Choked Up

This sensor tells the car's computer how to regulate the fuel-to-air ratio. A broken sensor can cause the vehicle to fail its emissions test or cause the car to stall. A new air filter could be an easy fix.​

5. The Catalytic Converter is Sick

The scariest but rarest issue is the catalytic converter, which takes harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) and converts them to something less harmful. Usually, they break due to lack of proper maintenance.

Proper car maintenance is an exceptionally easy way to avoid many, many car issues. When your car starts signaling that there’s a problem, don’t delay in taking care of it. That can be the difference between a $50 repair and a $3,000 one.

If you think your car is trying to tell you something, give Universal Tire & Auto a call today at 407-636-4033, and have a certified technician check the engine light for you.

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