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Auto Alignments

We offer 4-Wheel Alignments. Get your vehicle aligned with us right here in Longwood, FL - Central Florida

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Tire Rotation + Balancing Tires + Alignments = Happy Vehicle

An alignment check while you are getting your tires rotated and balanced is not a bad idea.  Alignment is about how the tire sits on the ground and which direction it faces.  If the tires are facing slightly off the correct direction, you will get side wear – or the fancy term is “feather wear” on the tire.  If the tire is not sitting flat and sitting on an angle, it will wear that tire more at the angle it is sitting at.


If you’re not on a schedule for tire rotation, start one.  At Universal Tire & Auto, we encourage our customers to get their tire rotated every time they have an oil change(depending on the mileage).  If your tires need to be balanced, it’s probably a good idea.  If you can’t remember the last time you had an alignment, it’s probably been too long and you should get that done pretty soon too (perfect time is during your tire rotation).

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