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Why are Oil Changes Important?

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

You’ve been told oil changes are important from the moment you got your first car back in your teens. It’s been drilled into you time and time again, but still you wonder “Is it really that important?”

We at Universal Tire & Auto want to explain just how important regular oil changes are for your car.

1. Oil is what keeps your car alive.

Think of it like your car’s blood. It is an essential part of keeping the engine working. Oil

helps pull heat away from the combustion chamber of the engine and it prevents build-

up of carbon and varnish. If you run out of gas, you get more gas. If you run out of oil,

you don’t just get more oil.

2. It saves you money.

Little expenses now save you from having large expenses later. Getting your oil changed

is a fairly cheap procedure (especially for $15.99 with us!). Foregoing regular oil changes

will lead to more serious car issues than just having low or old oil. Eventually, your car

will suffer and it will cost you a lot more than a few oil changes would have.

3. Oil helps your gas mileage.

This is a fringe benefit you can enjoy with a regular oil change. As oil gets older and is

used more, it becomes darker and gummier. New oil is slick and doesn’t make the

engine work as hard as older oil does, meaning it’s more efficient and your mileage will

be better.

We want to stress that oil changes are not just nice for your car—they’re necessary. Waiting

too long can cost you so much more than an oil change would have.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment to get your 10 minute oil change, give us a call at 407-636-4033.

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