Why Universal Tire & Auto?

It's very simple, we are 2 centers in one. Our complete automotive center can take care of all your car needs and tires. Our quick lube center will get you in and out under 15 minutes for oil changes. Our staff are the friendliest (that we promise!) and our technicians are best (that we promise!) and our prices are competitive (that we promise!).

Family is important which is why we make sure when you come to our automotive center, you'll find a designated child play area, WiFi, television (always family-friendly programming), complimentary snacks/beverages and complimentary In-Town Shuttle Service.

We are family owned and operated by an experienced automotive family wanting you to become part of our family. We want you to be safe, we know you are busy which is why we provide top of the line automotive expertise to ensure that we get your car running safely and quickly.


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